Our attorneys at MyLemonAttorney.com handle all types of lemon law cases, including those involving cars and trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and trailers.

Cars and Trucks

The most common type of lemon law cases is that involving cars and trucks. While almost all cars under warranty qualify for protection under California Lemon Laws, trucks have to be below a certain amount of weight to qualify, and ownership of the truck may also matter.


Aside from cars and trucks, motorcycles are often candidates for lemon law claims. Issues in motorcycles are often those that can be dangerous, and thus, motorcycles that have various issues that cannot be repaired should be dealt-with using the lemon laws in California.


Boats are usually high-priced, and take a long time to receive. With that said, boats that are “lemons” are often extremely disheartening to deal-with and cause ton of frustration. Luckily, lemon laws in California protect boat owners as well.

RVs and Trailers

Some RVs and trailers may be protected by California Lemon Laws, but not all do. For example, a trailer without a motor usually does not qualify for protection under California Lemon Laws.