Lemon Law Applies to Boats

Although many may think that lemon law only protects car buyers, buyers of boats are also protected by California Lemon Law. As with cars, in order for a boat to qualify for protection under California Lemon Law., all repairs for the boat must have been done while under the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, more often the not, our successful lemon law clients, who have boat-related claims, had experienced issues with boats that they purchased within 1-3 years prior to contacting us.
California Lemon Law applies to different kinds of boats produced by various manufacturers. Notably, they even apply to watercraft vehicles that don’t have motors.
California Lemon Law provides that in order for a boat to be classified as a lemon, the following requirements must be made:
  • The claimant must own or lease the boat
  • The boat must be under warranty
  • Any defects that required repairs must have been covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The boat’s defects must affect its use, value, or safety (they can’t be non-material defects)
  • The defects were not repaired despite reasonable efforts.
  • The boat’s defects must not be the result of an accident or negligence

If you purchased a boat within the past few years, and have encountered repeat issued with the boat, contact us for a free lemon law consultation.

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