About Us

Who We Are

MyLemonAttorney.com is a subsidiary of Katz Law, APC, a prominent law firm in based in Southern California that represents consumers in various legal matters. Our firm has assisted hundreds of clients with their lemon law claims. We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients in the form of repurchases, refunds, and cash offers by auto-manufacturers.

MyLemonAttorney.com is not a referral agency. It is a real law firm with real experienced lawyers who are ready to assist you and/or your loved one with a defective vehicle. If you call us, you will speak to an attorney and discuss your options.

Unlike other law firms out there, our attorneys assist clients with their case from beginning until end (not just the initial phone call). While others may value quantity over quality, we  don’t. We take a smaller number of cases, and fight aggressively in each of these cases until we obtain a satisfactory result for our clients. All of our clients know our staff by first name and we prefer it this way.

Not all lawyers and law firms are equal. Choose a law firm that will give your case the attention it deserves.

Find out whether you qualify for protection under California Lemon Laws. Click on the link below and fill out our contact form. Our attorneys will then contact you to go over your options.

You can also call us (800) 88-LEMON.