The Process of a Lemon Law Claim in California

The process of a buyback under California Lemon Law typically involves the following steps:

  1. Notify the manufacturer: The consumer or a qualified lemon law attorney may most notify the manufacturer of the defective vehicle and give them an opportunity to repair it. This usually consists of the customer taking the car in to the dealership for repairs.

  2. File a Lemon Law claim: If the repairs are unsuccessful, a lemon law attorney may file a lawsuit in the Superior Court in California, or may choose to present a claim to the manufacturer directly, prior to proceeding in Court. 

  3. Negotiations: The manufacturer and the consumer may engage in negotiations to resolve the dispute. This can be done before a lawsuit, or prior to the lawsuit.

  4. Trial: if a lemon law claim cannot be resolved in a lawsuit (most do), the case may go to trial, at which time a judge or a jury can make a decision.

  5. Buyback: If the court finds in favor of the consumer, the manufacturer may have to buy back the defective vehicle. A buyback is also offered pretty regularly when a lemon law claim is “successful”.

  6. Vehicle return: The consumer must return the vehicle to the manufacturer, who will then compensate the consumer for the purchase price, minus any depreciation, and any allowable offset for personal use.

  7. Title transfer: The manufacturer must transfer the title to the vehicle back to them and cancel the vehicle’s registration.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the process may vary based on the individual case and the terms of the settlement agreement (if the case resolves by a settlement). An attorney who specializes in California Lemon Law can provide guidance and representation throughout the process.

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