A Rivian Vehicle You Bought or Leased is Giving You Problems? Read This.

California Lemon Law applies to new cars and trucks that were purchased for personal use. It applies to EV Vehicles (Electric Vehicles) and Non-EV Vehicles. California Lemon Law does not distinguish between EV and Non-EV Vehicles. As a result, if you purchased a Rivian in California, whether it is the R1T or the R1S, and have been dealing with repeat issues, consider California Lemon Law!
For California Lemon Law to apply for a car or a truck, the vehicle must be under warranty. Since Rivian is a relatively “new” brand of cars, the Lemon Law in California will almost certainly apply to a defective Rivian.
The general rule is that in order to qualify for lemon law, the manufacturer must have had a “reasonable” amount of repair attempts of the vehicle. Nonetheless, California Lemon Law does not define what is “reasonable.” “Reasonable” entirely depends on how serious the defect is and the individual circumstances. Generally, the issue must impair in a substantial manner the value, use, and/or safety of the vehicle.
As it applies to Rivian Vehicles, the lemon law in California presumes that a manufacturer had a reasonable number of repair attempts if:
  • The same problem resulted in a “safety issue” that could cause serious injury or death if the vehicle is driven, and an attempt was made to repair the vehicle at least two or more times by the manufacturer or its dealerships; Or
  • An attempt was made at least 4 or more times by the manufacturer to repair a non safety-related issue; or
  • The vehicle was not in service because of the repair attempt by the manufacturer or its agents for a total of more than 30 days cumulative, since the vehicle was purchased or leased.
In summary, if you were required to take your Rivian R1T or R1S for repairs multiple times for the same issues, or if your Rivian spent more than 30 days in the shop for repairs of an issue, then you may have a lemon on your ends.
If your lemon law case against Rivian is successful, you may be able to a full refund of all of the money you spent. Additionally, Rivian will pay all of our attorneys’ fees, so that you do not have to pay anything.
Rivian vehicles are notorious for various issues, most commonly electrical issues and issues with the battery. There have also been several Rivian recalls.
Most recently, there was a total of 7,873 R1T and R1S vehicles recalled for an issue with an early revision accelerator pedal that may not conform to performance specifications.

If you are experiencing repeat issues with your Rivian vehicle, including the R1T or the R1S, contact our California Rivian lemon law lawyers and find out how you can start your lemon law claim.

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